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Ecommerce is a new competitive market nowadays. If you understand your audience correctly, your product may reach to your potential customers easily, and you can sustain in this market for a long time. Working as a digital marketing consultant in different sectors of eCommerce helped me to identify various cultures of buyers and their needs. My team and I try to segment our visitors based on location and customer nature such as country, behavior, gender, age, etc. We present our store, design, information, price, and offers to the audience in such manner that it fulfills most of their needs. If we succeed to achieve visitor attention, we get more new visitors, but also we convert most of them into returning visitors.

After spending many years in the eCommerce industry, you will understand why price is not the only factor that encourages customers to buy anything from your website. Various factors are involved in the purchase decision such as store design, trust, information, social presence, brand, and reputation. Operating an eCommernce website is not an easy process. You have to supervise various information such as sales conversion, visitor data, product information, your website design and layout. You can not convert a visitor into customer until you made changes after a certain amount of time. You have to monitor your visitors and make necessary changes if required. Like me, many of you don`t have in-depth knowledge about HTML coding, which is an essential part of store design. Therefore many of us prefer the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to manage our online store.

WordPress improves your eCommerce experience and helps to understand your client behavior. But WordPress doesn’t work alone. Some plugins are used to maintain your complex website information. Choosing a right WordPress plug-in for a website is very crucial, especially when you are running an Ecommerce website and your visitors are making online payments, using Wishlist and adding their personal details, etc. Plugins are very helpful because they can easily manage your complex onsite information such as manage orders, customer email, product description, sales, and inventory.

In the recent report from W3Techs stated that 58% of the website owners are using WordPress CMS to manage their website. Therefore as a marketer, you need to understand how important plugins are for your online business. There are plenty of online WordPress plugins available on the market, but you do not need to install all of them because not every plug-in gives you a complete solution. Also, in some cases, you need to update those plug-ins. So if you are going to run an ecommerce website in your WordPress CMS and looking for some essential plugins to manage your complex information, then this article is for you.

1. WP eCommerce:

 Downloads: 40,000+

 Key Features:

  • HTML and CSS Customization
  • Multiple Payment Gateway
  • Built In Marketing Tools
  • Quick Learning Tutorial

WP eCommerce plugin offers the highest range of ecommerce features in a single platform to store owners. If you are running an ecommerce store with WordPress CMS and selling a variety of products such as physical products, online software, membership or subscription plan or any other service, then this plug-in is for you. If we talk about WP eCommerce feature, it provides some commonly used but useful options such as easy product and catalog upload, sales monitoring reports, multiple payment gateway support for a user-friendly design with the secured payment process. WP eCommerce also allows you to customize your store CSS and HTML files so that you can develop your store according to your conditions.

2. WooCommerce:

Downloads: 3+ Millions

Key Features:

  • Hundreds of Extensions
  • Multiple Configuration Facilities
  • Major Payment Gateway Support
  • Wide Range of Store Themes
  • Custom Performance Reports

WooCommerce Plugin not only offers you to create an attractive ecommerce store in WordPress, but it also renders hundreds of free and premium extensions to manage your store products and client information consistently. WooCommerce can help you to take powerful steps to improve your store revenue and traffic through its custom in-depth sales performance reports. Ecommerce store owners who are selling physical goods, digital service and referral based products can take advantage of this plugins.

WooCommerce gives you freedom to apply multiple configurations in your product pricing so that you can sell the variety of products of any shape and size without any special coding and extension. You can also customize your shipping cost, commission price and evaluate in real-time. Apart from default payment gateway, you can also integrate payment portal with other payment gateways service providers such as, and Amazon Payment. 

3. Easy Digital Download:

Downloads: 60,000+

Key Features:

  • Easily Manage License Key
  • Recurring Payment Facility
  • Complete Sales Reports
  • Manage Discount Code
  • Edit & Remove Customer Information
  • Manage Related Products

Easy Digital Download is an excellent plug-in for WordPress store owners to track and manage selling of their digital products such as software, media files, e-books and digital downloads. Easy Digital Downloads offers unlimited file downloads, and you can even track commission earnings from selling products of different vendors. Easy Digital Download helps you to manage your software license key, discount code and recurring payments for automatic payments received on certain conditions, plus you can view your overall website performance through its custom download and sales performance reports. You can also manage recommended products for improving product visibility and revenue within your website. Easy Digital Download also gives rights to add, edit and remove your customer information through the dashboard.

4. Yoast

Downloads:  3+ Millions

Key Features:

  • On-Page Analysis
  • Meta Title & Description Analysis
  • Automatic Sitemap
  • RSS Generation
  • Breadcrumbs Generation

Whether you are having an ecommerce or a simple service based website, SEO is required for every website to stay on top of the search engine rankings. Yoast is a well known name in WordPress community that delivers multi-purpose support for On-Page Analysis such as Meta title & description, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, social sharing and much more. You can also import and export your defined settings and apply the same settings in your different websites.

5. Really Simple SSL

Downloads:  200,000+

Key Features:  

  • Enable SSL with easy steps
  • Mixed Content Scan
  • Handle http and https redirection
  • Certificate Expiration Checking

Really Simple SSL manages your SSL certificate and handles your website HTTP to HTTPS redirection in WordPress. Once you install SSL through cPanel, The Really Simple SSL plug-in automatically detects your site default settings and configuration and redirects all your website pages from HTTP to HTTPS protocol for secured communication between user browser and your server. It also scans your site content pages and provides suitable support if your pages are not displaying the green padlock in the browser.

Really Simple SSL can handle complex SSL issues. Whether you purchase Single Domain SSL to secure one website or you have Symantec EV SSL to secure your domain and validate your business identity, The Really Simple SSL finds all the default configurations and settings on your website and redirects your site from non-secure to a secured channel.

6. BackupBuddy:

Key Features:

  • Backup Pages, Posts, Settings, Images, Video
  • Complete WordPress Site backup
  • Schedule your backup
  • Off-Site Backup Store
  • Simple Restore Process

BackupBuddy helps you to backup your important pages, posts and secure your precious data from getting lost and misused. You can download and save your website data on offsite storage, and even you can keep your information on cloud server remotely. Once BackupBuddy takes a backup you can export all your files in a single zip.

7. OptinMonster:

Downloads:  300,000+

Key Features:

  • Convert Visitors into Customers
  • Audience Segmentation based on Interest and Location
  • Mobile popup display customization
  • Better A/B Testing

OptinMonster helps you to convert your normal visitors into potential customers. OptinMonster helps you to build different attractive and customizable forms such as floating bars, popups, or slider forms in a single platform. You can segment your audience based on user interaction and location, and you can also customize your popups for different devices to perform successful A/B testings.

What plugins do you use for you eCommerce website?
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