[Infographic] Video Marketing & the Marketing Funnel

We hear so much about the growth in popularity of video be it live video or static video; every content marketing expert is quick to list the reasons why you’re missing out unless you are engaging in some form of video marketing.

That’s perfectly fine and they are correct in their assertions that video is the break-out star of marketing in the last number of years but getting started in video marketing can be daunting for many small to medium business start-ups. Video productions seem so slick and professional that it can seem like an impossible task to get into video content without forsaking a huge segment of your overall budget. For a start-up, there’s absolutely no point in throwing a vast amount of your financial resources until you are 100% ready to go with your business.

Depending on your business, there are many issues you’ll need to address before you get to the dizzying heights of video marketing. You’ll likely need to organize major elements like logistics, a website, staff, production, deliveries and so much more so it’s important that focus is kept on those concerns initially. Without getting all of that sorted at the outset, no video however good is going to save your business from failing.

However once you do have the basic elements in place to start your business, video content and marketing should definitely be on your radar. It’s hugely powerful because it can add depth to a product page in introducing your products; it can tell your story if you offer a service; it can help you drive brand awareness and loyalty; it can help you build links to your website and so much more.

The people over at One Productions have put together this insightful infographic which will show the various stages that you need to be aware of for video marketing. Check out the full details below to get educated on what you need to know before starting your own video content marketing journey!

Infographic by One Productions


What is your most important advice for a great video marketing?

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