[Infographic] What You Need to Know Before Creating an App

Given an equal possibility of accessing both, which are you more likely to use first: an app on your smartphone or the Internet browser on your computer? That could depend on exactly what it is you need to do, but chances are that the ease and convenience of the app would be your initial port of call.

How to Avoid the Densely-Populated App Purgatory

Indeed, where established businesses launched their apps after building from the ground up, many start-ups now begin life as apps, knowing full well that if they can meet a gap in the market and execute the app smartly, they are probably onto a winner. For start-up businesses considering creating an app, though, it’s no good just having one. It needs to fulfill a purpose, be sleekly designed and be user-friendly in its navigation. Otherwise, it will exist in purgatory in a densely-populated world of apps where all but the best are forgotten by the world at large.

Listen to Feedback

If you go down the app route, it is essential that you utilize market feedback. Listen to what your target market wants, or else you’ll have an app that people won’t like and won’t use. After a while, you might wish to monetize the app. It’s potentially lucrative but again needs to be done in the right manner. App users often don’t appreciate being asked to stump up a fee after being able to download the app for no initial cost. You could make your money by advertising, but this could be to the detriment of user experience.

The key takeaway for start-up businesses looking to create an app are to listen to user feedback, take the time to get it right before launching and implement monetization if you think it would be beneficial for you while not hampering user experience.

For more pointers on creating an app, here’s a concise infographic from ERS IT Solutions.

Infographic by ERS IT Solutions

What do you need before creating an app?
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  1. agree fully that a full-developer (and an experienced on at that) is a necessity
    commitment and ease of communication and flow of ideas is also crucial
    I’m in healthcare and our IT frequently goes off to create their own utopia of features and customisation that are so tedious and complex that no one ever uses them
    Just to add that security should also be included somewhere on this graphic

  2. Interesting summary of app creation. Thanks!

    In the context of so many apps for mobile/pc, I think the product choosing phase should be more important than the app creation itself. Nowadays you can create apps quite cheap, by using the known freelancing portals or by doing it yourself, even with basic skills (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Be-YnLcPEdA).
    I tried as well the app creation but having realised that product/service creation is much more important, I focused on that more.
    So a bit of an advice for who wants to create another crAPP: take a good idea, find the niche, find the market, prospect it, make your research, create the business plan, create proof of concept, try it with your friends and finally start investing in the production app if all signals are good.

    Just my 2 cent. Hope that helps.

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