[Infographic] Improve Your eCommerce Experience and You’re Bound to See Success

Even just a few decades ago, online shopping sites like Amazon were outliers; most people still relied on brick-and-mortar stores and in-person interactions for many of the goods and services that they purchased.

In the last few years, though, technological advancements and the access to quick and easy ecommerce tools for any business have changed all that. Those tools have helped every outlet, from startups to those that have been in business for decades, to generate buzz and reach existing and new audiences. Now the outliers are the companies that don’t offer some sort of online ordering presence. Those places are the ones that are being left behind.

However, not all companies have the same level of ecommerce experience. Many businesses don’t fully optimize their sites or their shopping methodologies to take advantage of superior UX—and that’s too bad because they’re probably leaving current and new customers behind.

Ready to improve your eCommerce experience? Let’s take a hard look!

To better utilize this invaluable and necessary tool, every business needs to take a hard look at the ecommerce experience. The first place to start is navigation. How logical is the experience for visitors? Can they quickly find descriptions, information, and reviews, for example. Do the categories make sense and can they quickly find their cart, among other key pieces?

A second essential piece is how your products are organized. Are images actually representative of your products, and can consumers get a full, rich experience by viewing them online? Is browsing set up in such a way to help them evaluate key points? When they finally come to the checkout, are you determining the experience for them by eliminating the option for a “guest” checkout, or are you giving them control over their information?

Dig deep into the ecommerce experience and you’ll be rewarded, as this graphic shows.

eCommerce experience
Infographic provided by AppDynamics


What is your most important advice for a great eCommerce experience?
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Scott Davis
Scott Davis

Scott believes in the power of user experience research to transform the quality of end user interactions. He has worked extensively in consulting for many of the nation’s Fortune 100 companies, advising and engaging them on all aspects of improving the usability of their products and services. Presently, Scott is working in enterprise UX, where he develops and socializes long-term research strategies. In his free time, he travels to Spanish-speaking countries and goes surfing.

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  1. Great post! It is a great post but let me expand on that. The user experience (UX) is crucial to making a sale. If your site is difficult to navigate you are losing sales. If you don’t have good product pages where the user can easily understand what it is they are buying you are losing sales. The use of breadcrumbs make it easy for customers to find their way around your site. By not having a guest checkout you are probably losing sales. The user experience is a major factor in making a sale and for repeat customers.

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