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Guest post contributors

Guest posting is an effective instrument to improve exposure, reach and branding. Used properly it helps both the guest post contributors and the blog owner to build a community.

Guest blogging has less benefits as it used to have in the past for search engine optimization purposes. This is because people misused the instrument just to promote (bad) links (and run away 🙂 ). However, quality posts are welcome, even for one-time guest post writers. is open to work with guest post contributors. Let’s build together a community of startuppers and deliver quality content that answers to their needs.

The guest posts should have:

  • Useful and quality content for our audience – startup owners and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • New content, that has not been published before
  • A minimum of 300 words for infographics and 500+ words for usual posts
  • Easy to understand content
  • Proper attribution when referring to other people’s content, including images
  • Ownership rights for images, a copy of the photo license when the picture is not free to use.

What do guest post contributors get in return?

  • A mention linking to your webpage included into the text. The mention and link must be wrapped and served together with useful information for the audience.
  • Author bio box included into the post page with links to your webpage and social media profiles.
  • Active promotion of the post in social media and other platforms.

Self-promotion it is not accepted unless you support the project, by offering sponsorship. Also, sponsorship is recommended if you want to publish multiple guest posts.

What next? Send us the following information:

These terms above are general terms. They are written for general orientation and should not be treated as an agreement. To discuss in detail please send an e-mail to know your expectations and see how we can collaborate. Every guest blogging proposal is treated individually.

You may submit the guest post below

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Alex Saragia

Startupper, friend 🙂


  1. Hi Alex, the email you have here returns an undeliverable error. Apparently it doesn’t exist. Could you provide another one?
    I am interested in contributing.

    1. I think the e-mail should be good now.
      Sometimes the e-mail service gets down. I have 1 year left with current hosting provider, I hope they improve.

      If someone else encounters the same problem please leave a comment here to let me know.

    1. I suggest to search for guest post writers who are in a close niche with cleaning. It could be suppliers of detergents, suppliers of cleaning equipment etc.

    1. Thank you for the question Anya. I don’t think there is a right or wrong approach by default. It depends. My approach is focused on building a community so I divide articles in two categories- rich in content which deliver more value for the reader and second – promotional articles. Once the reader knows me, he should be more willing to access the sales links. In your case, you are selling books, buyers invest less when buying each unit, so they shouldn’t need to know you so well before deciding to buy.

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