[Infographic] Growing a Startup with Promotional Products

Being a part of a startup is immensely exciting but challenging at the same time. Your focus is on getting the message out about your new business offering but with so many markets being crowded, it can be a real struggle. Effort and determination are exactly what’s needed in a startup but also they need to be able to find and isolate narrow windows to be seen and heard.

Benefits of promotional products

Promotional products offer a fantastic way for a startup to gain valuable visibility at the crucial early stages. Use of promotional products might not be seen as the key winner but they’re certainly a fundamental tool in your arsenal and depending on the startup business that you’re operating, they could actually prove to be exceptionally powerful. A common issue with start-ups is getting their voice heard over all the noise and by assigning even a small budget into something like promotional products, you could gain a fantastic quick win in the branding battle. Promotional products have huge power as they can become mainstay in the mundane everyday tasks of your very target market so choose wisely the type of promotional product(s) you go with. As a very simple example, there’s no point in ordering a series of promotional umbrellas with your company branding emblazoned upon them if your target market is predominantly a sunny climate.

What do we find out from this infographic?

This infographic from the guys at Colourfast highlights many interesting aspects of the use of promotional products in growing a business. It focuses on interesting statistics which highlight the importance of this type of promotional tool; it details the type of promotional products that work best and why all over the globe; it explains how to understand the ROI from using promotional products as a tool to differentiate your business and lots more. Check it out below.

How To Grow and Differentiate Your Business With Promotional Products
Image by Colourfast

What Promotional Products do you use?
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Chris is the Managing Director of Colourfast, an international paper and plastic card printer based in Ontario, Canada.


  1. Interesting to see these stats on promo items. I would like to see some info on how many people just like to take this stuff because it’s free. Everybody loves free stuff…ROI still seems very questionable to me.

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