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AlexMy name is Alex. YES 🙂 I am a startupper too.  Visit my Out-tasking project White-collar.co.

In the Work with us subsection, I tell you how I help people like you create a real business experience. My previous work experience includes jobs like junior business consultant and CEO for a vegetable oil company.


In the Startup tips section, we share business tools, business cases and other useful resources for startups. In the Startup stories section, we share startup stories that inspire to achieve great results. The Submit guest post section is designed to provide appropriate guidelines for guest post contributors and promote the businesses of guest post contributors who team with me to deliver the best content for you.

We cover topics about all types of startups. Steve Blank identified 6 types of startups: Lifestyle Startups (Surf Teacher), Small-Business Startups, Scalable Startups, Buyable Startups, Social Startups, Large-Company Startups. Note that different startups require different startup models. Many consumer products may not scale so quickly as high-tech products do. Check here for more definitions: Businessdictionary.com, Wikipedia.org.


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