7 Tips To Maintain Your Company Culture with Rapid Growth

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All those companies having impressive employee retention rate and high employee satisfaction levels have one thing in common i.e. they totally understand the significance of having a good company culture. They also realise the fact that in order to get the best of their employees, they will have to really invest in the people.

But as you keep on making progress, this can be hard to maintain. Here are 7 tips to maintain your company culture while your company makes rapid growth.

Set the pace at the top

Before you go ahead and make efforts to maintain your company culture, it is imperative you have taken some time out to identify which aspects contribute to your employee productivity and happiness. You should clarify the values, proficiencies, and working styles required to maintain desired working culture. You need to ensure that this process is collaborative as it comprises of the efforts of both from the company leaders and the management.

Irrespective of how small or how large is your business, company’s leaders usually set the tone and they lead the way in creating an ethical culture for the employees.

Promote employee engagement

Without a doubt, employees are really important for a company, so it is important that their options and suggestions are encouraged. If the employees think that they should make a contribution to the company’s purpose, then they will help in giving a good company culture.

Identifying value leaders and giving them recognition in your company will surely come handy. Make sure a culture committee is encouraged and give its members independence to take independent decisions. Such people should be assured that they have your support and their ideas should be valued and recommended as your business grows.

Setting up targets

Having steady goals such as – weekly, monthly, or yearly for the company can prove beneficial. In addition, these goals should also be communicated to the employees so that they can help you reach the goals. In the absence of objectives, employees end up losing a sense of purpose and they find it hard to realise as what they are working for. This not only hinders their personal success but the company’s success as well.

Think twice before hiring

You should have set qualities and values that all your new hires must fulfill. You have to ensure that all the selected candidates can easily mesh with your existing culture of your company. Such values also come handy in defining, human resources actions, customers, operations management, marketing, and various other decisions your company will take over time.

Make sure all those who are appointed and promoted into leadership positions not only fit in your culture but also put their best efforts in building on it. If your senior management is not committed, you cannot expect the culture to survive for a longer period.

Know your employees

You will certainly help in keeping your company culture strong when you make yourself available to your employees. If you have a big team, then it can get arduous to maintain personal relationships, but you can at least remember their names. You can also get to know their interests and likings. When you socialise with them, they feel comfortable interacting with you.

Keep your employees interested

When your team shows a keen interest in what they are doing, the team tends to come out more productive and it also maintains their effectiveness. If your team is able to connect with the project quickly and easily, then it is only going to prove beneficial.

It is quite easy for the employees to get stuck in a routine that leads to lower productivity and lesser interest. You can help your employees develop and let them grow in their position.

Take it outside

When a company grows, it is not easy for the employees to get to know each other and build relationships. Organise non-work events outside the office, this really helps in promoting a sense of closeness amongst the employees that help build and sustain company culture. Maybe you can take your team out for bowling, probably a lunch or a dinner or it can be a charity softball game, as long as it is not work-related, the employees will get a chance to bond with each other on a personal level.

What does it mean a great company culture for you?
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